How To Kill Squirrels

When squirrels move into your home, problems can arise. For this reason, many people want to learn how to kill squirrels. Some people may think you are a monster for wanting to understand how to kill squirrels, but squirrels can cause a lot of damage and be a hazard. Luckily, as I was researching on how to kill squirrels, I found many ways to solve the squirrel problem without killing squirrels.

Preventing Pesky Rodents

Looks cute, but could be dangerous

Before we try to understand how to kill squirrels, let’s talk about a few prevention methods. If you properly prevent squirrels from entering your home, you won’t have to learn how to kill squirrels. Sealing potential entrances around your home is a great way to prevent squirrel problems. Do a quick check around the perimeter of your house and seal up  the holes with some type of metal mesh so the squirrels cannot chew through. Another way to prevent squirrels is to spray a product called Ropel around the perimeter of the house. This product repels squirrels and will keep them from gnawing holes in your house.

Traps or Poison? The Best Way on How To Kill Squirrels

When I was discovering how to kill squirrels, I learned that poison was not a effective way to kill squirrels. There are not any legal poisons that are specifically meant to kill squirrels. Some people try to substitute rat or rodent poisons, believing it will have the same effect. This may kill one squirrel, but will not solve your whole squirrel problem. As I was researching how to kill squirrels, I quickly found out that there is not an effective way to kill squirrels. The best way to handle squirrels is by using traps.

Havahart Live Animal Trap

Squirrel Traps are the Trick

You may be disappointed right now, because you came here to learn how to kill squirrels and I am telling you to trap them. If you are extremely interested in knowing how to kill squirrels, there are some lethal traps out there. They resemble large mouse traps, but can be dangerous. I want to spend more time on basic traps because they seem to be more effective and safe. There are many live traps out there such as the single animal live cage trap, repeating live cage trap, and the one way exclusion door trap. The latter two traps work best when trying getting rid of squirrels out of an attic. Before you set the trap up, you must seal off every entrance the squirrel uses except the primary entrance. You then hook the trap to the primary entrance and wait for the squirrel to enter. The squirrel can enter the trap, but it cannot escape. After trapping a squirrel, contact your local animal control to know how to dispose of it. The single animal trap is more common among animal control professionals. This trap uses bait in the back of the cage. When the animal enters to eat the bait, it will step on a metal dish that triggers a door, trapping the animal. These traps are useful when you do not know how the squirrel is entering your home. I recommend the Havahart 0745 live animal trap to help trap squirrels.

I bet learning how to kill squirrels was much more difficult than you thought! Trapping squirrels is much easier and should save you a mess. Remember the different types of traps we discussed and how they are used. Now if your friends ever ask you how to kill squirrels, you can tell them about how traps are much more effective. For another good article on removing rodents check out how to kill gophers.

2 Responses to How To Kill Squirrels

  1. Febrie

    I have a squirrel who has eaten a hole into a potorin of my roof. This will be fixed soon.However my hound dog is on to him and every time this squirrel comes around he goes nuts, the dog that is.Then the cartoon starts. The squirrel then returns the abuse by barking back or whatever it is squirrels do when they get excited. He then moves up to the top of the roof to further torment Miles(the dog) and sometime throws things at him. Needles to say that until the squirrel tires of his amusement the dog is barking and jumping in a vain effort to get this bugger, the bane of his backyard territory.

  2. Randy

    I have found that a small, fast moving piece of heavy metal, applied to the head area, will usually do the trick.

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