How To Kill Spider Mites

How Do I know If I have Spider Mites?

A lot of people want to learn how to kill spider mites because they are a huge nuisance, especially if you have household plants. Spider mites inflict damage to plants by sucking out their juices.  You can know if your plants or garden are infected by spider mites by looking for small brown or yellow dots on the plants.  The image here shows these brown and yellow spots, which spots show you where the mites have eaten the plants.

How To Kill Spider Mites Easily

If you have a spider mite infection, you should treat it immediately. The longer they are left on the plants, the more damage they will do. Fortunately, the best way to treat spider mites is relatively easy, as it involves making and applying a spray. But one of the most effective methods in knowing how to kill spider mites naturally is by keeping your plants wet.  Spider mites like to feast on dry plants, so as you continue to water your plants, spider mites will look elsewhere for dryer pastures.

Another way to learn how to kill spider mites naturally is to create your own insecticide.  This way you create a safe and effective way to kill spider mites without damaging your plants.  Here are a few homemade remedy solutions to help you know how to kill spider mites (please be wise when spraying these and seek professional help if you don’t feel comfortable).

Effective Home Remedies on Killing Spider Mites

How to Kill Spider Mites naturally Option 1 [The Quick Remedy to Prepare]:

  • Take a squirt or spray bottle
  • Mix part water with part alcohol
  • Add 5 – 6 Tbsp of liquid dish detergent in 1 gallon of water and alcohol concoction. Spray on plants and around the base of the plants.  This is a great solution for learning how to kill spider mites on houseplants as well.

Learning How to Kill Spider Mites naturally Option 2:

  • Take a squirt or spray bottle
  • take 1 quart of water
  • add 2 tbsp of Italian seasoning
  • add 1 tbsp of clove
  • add 1 tbsp of cinnamon
  • Heat the mixture together until it comes to a simmer.  Once it has come simmer turn off the stove and ADD 2 tbsp of fresh garlic.  Then let it cool.
  • Put concoction into the bottle and spray around and on the plant.

Again, these are two very useful ways to know how to kill spider mites or spider mites on houseplants naturally.

Did My Home Remedy Work?

How Do I Check if my Solution Really Worked?

How does one check to see if the remedy of learning how to kill spider mites is working?  Take a piece of white computer paper and place it at the bottom of the plant.  Shake the tree.  If you see little specs moving around on the paper, your attempt to learning how to kill spider mites is not over just yet.  The solution is to just keep applying the remedy a few more times until desired results appear.

Best Products on Killing Spider Mites

If you are not getting the desired results and you are simply not learning how to kill spider mites on houseplants naturally, then there are commercial products that can help you do the trick.  Here are some products we have found to do a good job:

  • Commercial Products that Kill Spider Mites

    Bayer 3-in-1

  • That Stuff Mighty Wash
  • FloraMite
  • AzaMax


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  1. Daniele

    For a home remedy,put ctairegte butts in warm water for 24 hours, then strain them out the water and spray it on the leaves. Do NOT get any onto the roots or around the root zone. Repeat every day until they are all dead.It has nicotine sulphate, which is deadly to any and all insects but harmless to leaves and plant cellsIf you can;t do that, then buy neem oil, which is a natural anti-pest and is harmless aswell.If thats not an option, buy mosquito traps or some sort of manufactered pest killer, and take that route.If your in the seedling stage, I’d advise to clean the shit out of your closet and start over, its going to take you longer to fix them than it would to genocide your closet and start over again from scratch.

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