How To Kill Scabies

What Are Quick Ways to Identify Scabies?

If you are asking yourself how to kill scabies, you or one of your fiends is probably not enjoying life right now.  First things first, scabies are not insects, they are parasites.  They have 8 legs, while insects only have 6.  Scabies can only live for 36 hours once they are detached from the host.  A person can get scabies from anyone who is infected and is usually transfered through clothes and linen.  The most common effect of Scabies is the constant itching which tends to increase at night.  They like to burrow themselves in places that have cracks and crevices in our skin such as the armpit, the elbow, waist line, the buttocks, breast area, etc.

One might ask, are scabies dangerous and should I learn how to kill scabies right away?  The answer to your question is no and yes.  No, they are not extremely dangerous although it is a parasite; but yes, you should learn how to kill scabies as soon as possible to eliminate the itching and further infection.  If this is the case go to a doctor since they might have some other suggestions on how to kill scabies safely and effectively.  Below are some natural solutions as well as commercial solutions in fighting off scabies.

Best Way On How To Kill Scabies Naturally

Some natural treatments to relieve oneself of scabies is to use tea tree oil.  This is a natural way in killing scabies, but you should mix the tea tree oil with a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil to help stretch it out since it would cost a lot of money to cover your entire body in tea tree oil.  It would also have a powerful stinging effect if you put tea tree oil straight on your body.  This sensation is something you should definitely avoid.  The second natural way to know how to kill scabies is to use sulfur.  We recommend the cream ointment form because the ointment is simpler to apply to the skin and this substance will not result in stinging.

Tips On How To Kill Scabies W/ Ointments

There are also a number of commercial ointments and creams that can help you when you are learning how to kill scabies.  Some commercial products we have found to be useful are Mitactin Spray and Licebgone.  These ointments are more likely to be effective, as well as soothing to the skin.

Preventative Tips – Eliminate Spreading Of Scabies

Lastly, we don’t want to spread the scabies; we want to know how to kill scabies, so some precautionary methods for eliminating scabies in the future is to wash all the clothes for everyone in the family.  This will kill them and prevent them from spreading.  Second, don’t scratch the burrows.  When you scratch them, you pick up scabies and then transfer them to other places.

I hope the post How To Kill Scabies has been effective.  To learn other effective HOW TO KILL methods for other bugs or health problems visit HOW TO KILL

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