How To Kill Roaches

How To Kill Roaches

Know How to Kill Roaches

Here we will help you figure out how to kill roaches naturally or with sprays.  First we need to understand what we are dealing with.  Most of us do not like roaches, so we don’t need to go into why someone would want to get rid of them.  However, one thing we need to point out is their close association with filth.  This not only justifies killing them, but it also helps us know where to locate them, which is a useful bit of information to keep in mind as we learn how to kill roaches naturally and effectively.  Roaches breed, for example, in drains and feed on feces, do you commonly see flies around a certain spot? This would be a perfect spot to look for roaches. Obviously this is one reason that roaches are transmitters of numerous diseases.  Some diseases they transmit include Dysentery, Typhoid and Hepatitis. As gross as it is to talk about,  we also need to be aware that roaches can trail bacteria, most commonly salmonella.  And on top of that they carry very powerful allergens which make them a main source for allergies and asthma. If that doesn’t motivate you to learn how to kill roaches, I don’t know what will.

How to Kill Roaches First Step: Do I have Roaches?

So how to find out if there are roaches in your home and if there are, how to kill roaches properly?  A friend of mine shared a story of a device he had heard of known as the Vegas Roach Trap, these are one of the tools to know when figuring out the best way to kill roaches.  It’s basically provides a quick little test to see if you have roaches or not.  Here’s how you make it:  You’ll need a glass, such as pickle or gherkin glasses and a sock. Pull the sock over the glass and fill it with a little bit of water and coffee smudge. The best is the leftover smudge left after making filtered coffee from ground coffee beans. If you don’t drink coffee or it’s not available, a bit of toasted bread and beer will do the trick. And that’s it, you’re very own “how to kill roaches” trap!  Place the trap or traps in some dark corners, my recommendation would be in the kitchen under the sink ,  and leave it over night.   How does this work?  Well, roaches will be attracted to the smell, climb on top of the glass using the sock and fall into it and the drown in the liquid.  So this will help you see if you have roaches.

Best way to kill roaches

The Vegas Bait Trap


How to kill Roaches Second Step: The Methods

Now that you have discovered you have roaches,the  next step in discovering how to kill roaches is to find out where these bugs are getting in. I recommend creating multiple Vegas traps and walking around your house and seeing where all the cracks, drains and vents are.  Place the devices where you think the roaches are coming from.  Next is getting rid of the little guys.  There are many solutions on how to kill roaches, a common type of Roach is the German Roach, so this will also help you learn how to kill German roaches.  I have compiled some of the best tips that everyone should know when trying to understand a roaches problem, so check out this list below to see what they are.

How to Kill Roaches

  •   Use an insecticide spray. Get some insecticide that is labeled for use against roaches. Spray wherever roaches may be hiding or entering the house, including along walls, in cracks, and in vents. Keep pets out of the way when you are spraying, and follow all safety instructions on the product label. These sprays work great when learning how to kill roaches, and that link there will show you an awesome product on Amazon when you need help to kill roaches.
  •  Make Roach food:  one third part boric acid, one third part white flour, and one third part sugar.  The sugar is what pulls them in and keeps them there.  Put the solution into little containers and then place it in the backs of drawers, around fridges, door entrances, etc.  This may take several rounds to produce the results you are looking for when learning how to kill roaches.  Remember, boric acid is for external use only, and although it is used in learning how to kill roaches naturally, it should still be put in places where little kids or pets won’t get to it.
  • Roach bait is either housed in a childproof case or applied as a gel and contains a slow-working poison mixed with an attractive (for roaches) food. The roaches eat the poison and bring it back to the nest, where it eventually kills all the roaches. Is there any better way to know how to kill roaches then to bring the poison into the main nest?
  • Roach traps are also a great way to understand how to kill roaches, lure them, and then trap them with an adhesive. Get several of these and place them wherever roaches are known to frequently visit.

Final Word.

I hope this helps you in your quest to learn how to kill roaches, visit our main page here to find other great guides on killing other pesky critters.  And again, if you are looking to know how to kill roaches naturally, boric acid is a natural option that is extremely cost efficient.  Be sure to also check out our other how to kill guides, do you also need to learn how to kill cockroaches? Thanks for checking us out, and good luck!

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