How To Kill Rats

Disease Carrying Rat

Figuring out how to kill rats is a bit trickier than learning how to kill a mouse because rats are sneakier, smarter, and tend to be even more suspicious of new items placed in their environment. Have no fear, though. We have a few time-tested tactics that have proven to be the three best ways to kill rats.

How to Kill Rats: The Insider’s Secret Tricks

By the end of this short article you will know without a doubt how to kill rats. The first thing you should understand is that placement of your traps is critical. Regardless of the type you decide to use (and I’ll recommend a few in a minute), you need to strategically place them instead of just haphazardly scattering them around the home.

This is a mistake that many people who are first learning how to kill rats make. Instead, what you want to do is look for the path that the rats have been taking. You will notice their droppings, urine stains, and maybe their footprints. They typically stay low to the ground and run on the edges of rooms under large objects and close to the wall. Place the traps on the path or they won’t work.

Also, in order to understand how to kill rats you need to realize how sneaky these little creatures really are. They are ultra-suspicious of new items. So you can’t just place one or two traps in a room and think your job is done. You need to place 6-10 all around their path. In terms of tricks, this is the single biggest tactic for knowing how to kill rats.

How to Kill Rats: The Three Absolute Best Traps on the Planet

Rat Killing Shocking Machine

#1 Rat Zapper

Shock them. I’m a sucker for technology and cool gadgets. And when I first learned how to kill rats, I fell in love with the rat zapper and similar products. They are incredibly easy to use and extremely effective. All you have to do is put some batteries in (some plug into the wall), place it along the rodent’s trail, and it will do the rest.

Some give off an odor that is pleasant to rats, and others require you to put some food in them. When the rat comes to investigate, he gets electrocuted and keels over on the spot. The beauty is these devices don’t leave a messy, bloody rat to dispose of. The rat is just dead. It’s that simple. And you can use it over and over and over again—a thing of pure genius. If you are willing to spend a few extra dollars on one of these, then your journey to learn how to kill rats ends here. Congrats!

Rat Snap Trap

Cheap method. If you want to know how to kill rats without spending much money, then there are certainly a few other viable options. The good ole fashioned snap and sticky traps skill work. Put some food on them, set them (make sure you put them on the rat path and place tons of them in a single room), and patiently wait for the killing to take place–I would suggest getting 5-10 and laying them out in different rooms. If you just buy one then you’ll have to get REALLY lucky to catch the rat.

Sometimes people learn how to kill rats using this method and then are taken aback by how brutal the rat killing is. When the snap traps go off, they do some damage and leave a bloodied, mangled rat which you will have to dispose of.

Home remedy. Lastly, as I was reading some natural solutions for how to kill rats, I encountered several people who swore by a method of leaving cola (Pepsi or Coke) in a big dish by the rat’s den or path. Apparently the rodent doesn’t have the ability to burp and ends up getting killed by the carbonation.

There you have it. I hope you feel like you now know how to kill rats. Take a stab at some of these and report back with any problems. Good luck!

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