How to Kill Mosquitoes

Learning how to kill mosquitoes could never be more critical than right now. Over one million people die each year due to mosquito-borne diseases. Some diseases include, but are not limited to, malaria, yellow fever, and West Nile virus. Mosquitoes also are hosts to something called heartworm, which is a near death sentence for dogs. This, along with the sheer annoyance of scratching and clawing at those itchy mosquito bites, makes it well worth it to learn how to kill mosquitoes. So without any further ado, here are the best ways to kill mosquitoes:

What Kills Mosquitoes

There used to be an excellent pesticide on the market called DDT that would eradicate mosquitoes on contact, but since millions of people every year are anxious to know how to kill mosquitoes, it became overused and was subsequently banned. Since its ban, there really hasn’t been a be-all, end-all mosquito killer released. So you need to take an integrated approach that uses natural sources, non-toxic mosquito traps, pesticides, and prevention methods. If you do all of the things listed in this article you will DRASTICALLY diminish your mosquito problem.

Best Way to Kill Mosquitoes

killing mosquitoes in standing water

I like to start things off with stating what I believe is the best way to kill mosquitoes (or any bug for that matter): prevent them from coming in the first place. Sounds simple, yet it is genius if you think about it. Learning how to kill mosquitoes takes a combination of preventing and killing methods. For prevention, start by getting rid of standing water. Mosquitoes love crusty water beds in the grass and in the dirt. They absolutely need water to prosper, and if you can get rid of standing water, you will eliminate half of the problem up front. Use a broom to sweep away excess water by the curbs, and if you have a big standing puddle, consider getting a small siphon or a water pump.

Killing Mosquitoes Indoors

Killing mosquitoes indoors is really two different scenarios. It depends if you are dealing with these flying pests in your own home or simply in an indoor setting. Let’s start with your own home.

How to Kill Mosquitoes in the House

how to kill mosquitoes

how to kill mosquitoes

Mosquito Candles

OK, so a lot of people ask me how to kill mosquitoes in the house. As with anything, the starting point is always prevention. Make sure you have screens on every window and door, and make sure you use them at all times. When we discuss how to kill mosquitoes in the house it’s nice to point out that mosquitoes hate smoke. If you light some candles indoors, this acts as a natural repellent. Citronella candles and torches work extremely well for this. Most people use them outside but I’ve heard that some use them indoors as well to control mosquitoes.

Another great thing I discovered while learning how to kill indoor mosquitoes in the house was the effectiveness of fans. Strategically placing swivel fans in several rooms really keeps the mosquitoes at bay. They can’t handle even small breezes and will cling to walls and eventually die or fly out of the house.

How to Kill Mosquitoes Indoors

how to kill mosquitoes in house

#1 Mosquito Repellent

If you are in someone else’s house and you need to know how to kill mosquitoes indoors, then you really only have two options: swat them or use repellent. During the summer a lot of people carry around a small container of mosquito repellent in their purses, pockets, or keep some stashed in the car. This is really smart because you never know when you’ll need it. The most important active ingredient in whatever brand you buy is  DEET (N-Diethyl-3-Methylbenzamide). It’s been used in sprays for over forty years and works like a charm. Repel is a popular brand and has some of the highest consumer reviews.

How to Kill Mosquitoes in Yard

how to kill mosquitoes in yardWhen someone asks me how to kill mosquitoes in the yard, I first ask them about the preventative measures we discussed above: Get rid of standing water in all forms. And keep the grass cut short. After you’ve done this, then get some Cutter Backyard Bug Control. This stuff is really powerful and has a killing agent, but it works most effectively as a repellent. It’s like your normal repellent on steroids.

Cutter Backyard Bug Control lasts up to eight weeks and covers up to five thousand square feet or terrain. My recommendation would be to spray it along the entire perimeter of your outer property line. Then make your way around plants, water areas (check where the hose connects to the house), and gardens. Next, you’ll want to spray around the entire foundation of the home. This will create a terrific barrier and is essential in your quest to learn how to kill mosquitoes.

Now, two other things I discovered as I was learning how to kill mosquitoes in the yard were outdoor touchers/candles and bug zappers. Both of these work well. As mentioned earlier during the “How to Kill Mosquitoes in the House” section, mosquitoes hate smoke. They will flee from it. The most effective outdoor torches/candles are Citronella. Light these in the evening and watch them do their magic.

how to kill mosquitoes in yard

Mosquito Zapper

The bug zappers are meant for flies but can easily be adapted for people wanting to figure out how to kill mosquitoes. They have an attractive odor agent that can be purchased in addition to the zapper that draws mosquitoes in. Then once they hit the zapper, well, they go up in smoke. The interesting thing about this approach is that you have essentially repelled the mosquitoes with the torches and the Cutter Backyard Bug Control, but then you draw them in with the zapper odor. The strategy I like to use is to place the zapper right by my backdoor and not to place too much of the attractive scent in it. I put a little bit in, that way if any mosquitoes get past my main two lines of defense and approach my backdoor, they will be drawn to the zapper and meet their fate. When neighbors ask me how to kill mosquitoes I always tell them about this approach.

How to Kill Mosquitoes in Standing Water

Remember that when learning how to kill mosquitoes in the yard it is best to get rid of standing water altogether. These areas are ideal breeding grounds for the insects and are likely what have attracted them to your home in the first place. With that said, when trying to figure out how to kill mosquitoes in standing water, you can spray them down with a strong pesticide and get some results. Again, I would personally recommend Cutter Backyard Bug Control. A lot of people like this product and it does a good job. After you spray the water area down, do your best to dry it out with a pump, push broom, or some other source.

How to Kill Mosquitoes Naturally

how to kill mosquitoes naturally

A lot of people have had success discovering how to kill mosquitoes naturally by using Listerine and garlic. Listerine kills mosquitoes mainly from an abundant exposure of alcohol. You can buy Listerine from any store, dump it in a spray bottle, and go at it. This  is a short term solution however and does not last more than an hour or so. Also, there have been many testimonials (but little scientific research) indicating that having garlic in your diet acts as a natural repellent and consistently will thwart mosquitoes’ desire to bite you.

Summary of How to Kill Mosquitoes

As you can see, there are a variety of methods available to repel and kill mosquitoes. The most effective and strategic approach is to combine good preventative methods with strong outdoor pesticides, mosquito traps, and personal repellent. Many people that are learning how to kill mosquitoes also want to know how to kill gnats. Click the link for more information. And good luck killing those mosquitoes!

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  1. Mosquito Killer

    *** Soap bubbles kill mosquitoes immediately. ***

    What’s happens is that as soon as a mosquito comes in contact with a soap bubble, due to surface tension (or viscosity) of soap his whole body is absorbed in bubble. The wings, legs get stuck to the body and the mosquito is unable to fly. The mosquito which is soaked in bubble falls down on ground. Also soap liquid kills mosquito larvae in unused water lying nearby.

    We should heavily spray areas infested with mosquitoes with tiny soap bubbles of the size of mosquito during the time when they are about to fly and attack human habitats, mostly evenings. Also killings mosquitoes in their habitats is the best strategy than trying to kill them in our homes. Remove the roots like larvae with soap water.

    This is the cheapest and pollution free way to control mosquitoes and malaria.

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