How to Kill Mice

You know it is time to learn how to kill mice when you hear those little puttering feet dash across the floor. Or how about listening to the buggers scurry about in the walls. If that’s not enough, then maybe their miniature turds will drive you insane enough to seek out information on how to kill mice. Well, have no fear, we are here to help. The following is a list of the top six ways of how to kill mice fast:

How to Kill Mice: Six Easiest Ways

Mouse Trap

(1)    Old school wooden mouse traps. Yep, these still work. Some things just remain classics through the decades and the small wooden traps are certainly in the category. They are cheap (very cheap, around $1 or so) and generally get the job done. Place some chocolate and peanut butter on the trap and your furry nemesis won’t be able to resist. The only problem with knowing how to kill mice with this method is the clean-up—it is not for the faint of heart. You will find mangled, smashed, bloodied, and downright gross-looking dead mice on your board. Also, make sure to place the traps along baseboards, in basements, by the pantry, and also in the garage (all typical mouse hangouts). And keep in mind that that you don’t want to do as the movies suggest and use cheese as bait because the mice are more likely to be able to sneak off with it without triggering the trap.

Glue Trap

(2)    Glue traps. Glue traps are pretty similar to the wooden snap traps except they don’t leave a bloody mess. The instructions on this package show how to kill mice. You are simply putting some bait on the sticky board and placing it along baseboards. The rodents then come out, grab the food, and find themselves stuck. One small caution here, though: I used to do pest control for residential homes and sometimes after leaving a sticky board I would come back and find only a mouse leg (which meant it had chewed its own leg off to get free).

Mice Zapper

(3)    Electric shock trap. These are downright awesome. When I was first learning how to kill mice I loved this bad boy. It’s a chamber that gives off an attractive mouse odor, and then when the little guy enters the chamber doors, the device shocks it to death and it falls dead on the spot. These last forever and can be used over and over again. This is definitely the coolest, most enjoyable, and the best long-term cost-effective way for discovering how to kill mice.

Prevention Tool

(4)    Blocking off cracks and crevices. Carrying through on your new knowledge for how to kill mice might seem kind of fun, but for those that aren’t the killing type, you might want to first give prevention a shot. This method requires you to walk around baseboards in the home and the foundation at the base of the home (outside) to find small cracks and crevices that the mice are getting through. They can squeeze through a ¼-inch opening, so any area at all that you can see need to be covered. Try using some foam substance that shoots out of a gun. This can be found at your local hardware store. Also, the bottom rubber strip on your garage is a common entry point to mice. Make sure to patch this up very thoroughly.

Noise Machine

(5)    Ultrasonic sound machine. After learning how to kill mice the old fashioned way, I came across some of these noise machines and thought they were pretty cool. The problem is they have questionable results and can sometimes drive your household pets crazy as well. If you don’t live with animals, you might want to add it to your repertoire of how to kill mice.

(6)    Get a cat. Cats were born with the inner knowledge of how to kill field mice. They love the chase and will leave their gift for your on the porch or in the front room to show their loyalty. You should be careful with this one though because sometimes field mice carry diseases that are health threatening to house cats.

How to Kill Mice: What Not to Do

As your desire to learn how to kill mice increases, you might be tempted to try poisonous baits.  Don’t. There is just no point. All of the other methods mentioned above are better options and poisonous baits have two big risks. The first is your pet might eat the mouse after it has eaten the bait and contract second degree poisoning. The second is that often the mouse will eat the bait and then run back to its den, which is probably in your walls, and proceed to die there. This leaves a terrible smell that is expensive to get rid of.

If you have any other methods for how to kill mice in house, please share them with the community!

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  1. Aldir

    Once you’ve caught your mice, you’re probbaly wondering how you can keep them from coming back into your home. Well, there are several measures you can take to keep mice away.First off, keep your kitchen clean of food. Don’t leave food on counters or store them in plastic containers. The less food you have around, the less tempting your home is to mice.Cut Off AccessMice can enter your home through holes or openings. Keep them out by blocking these off.Plug holes. Use steel wool or copper wool, which mice can’t chew through.Cover openings. Use copper or aluminum mesh.Under the kitchen sink. Check the area where the pipe connects to the wall. If there are any gaps, plug them with steel wool.Kitchen drawers. Look for holes in the wall behind kitchen drawers. If there are any, seal them up.Tip: You can check for holes in hard-to-see places with a handheld mirror.RepellentsNot sure you’ve sealed all openings? That’s natural. Mice can get in through holes smaller than we can imagine. Deter them from entering your home by using repellents.Peppermint oil. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to cotton balls and place them by doorways, under the kitchen sink, by the fridge, in corners of the room, and wherever you last saw them. Change the cotton balls every two to three weeks. Make sure you’re using pure peppermint oil, not peppermint extract. A note of caution: Pure peppermint oil is said to be toxic, so don’t use it to cook or bake.

    • Cavalos

      Just make sure you leave no food for the mouse to eat. They eat the smallest crumb they find . So sweep up or vauucm when finished in the kitchen or dinning room, Remove your petb4s feeding and drinking dishes at night , and if it doesb4t starve to dead , your cat will catch it. They only live where there is a good source off food. If you have any small cracks or holes in your house fill them with cement or plaster and reinforce with wire wool

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