How To Kill Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles can be a plague to anyone’s garden. To help out our gardeners, we have done some research on how to kill Japanese beetles. There are many opinions on how to kill Japanese beetles; unfortunately, there is no easy way to solve the problem. There are three different types of approaches people recommend to kill Japanese beetles.

How to kill Japanese Beetles: Handpicking

How to kill Japanese Beetles

The Japanese Beetle

I know what you are thinking: “I came to learn how to kill Japanese beetles quickly and you want me to handpick them off!?” It sounds ancient, but is a proven way of killing Japanese beetles. Wake up early in the morning while it is still cool and the beetles are moving much more slowly. Bring a bucket of soapy water with you and examine each plant for Japanese beetles. When you find the beetles, pick them off and throw them in the bucket. Although tedious, this is a sure way to kill Japanese beetles. When studying how to kill Japanese beetles, this method came up every time without fail. And don’t worry, these little guys won’t bite or harm ya.

How to kill Japanese Beetles: Pesticides

How to kill Japanese BeetlesWhen learning how to kill Japanese beetles, the use of pesticides is always an effective method. Be careful about the pesticides you use in your garden because you will eventually be eating what you spray. To be safe, there are a few organic substances that have been effective in controlling Japanese beetles. The first one I found in my search to understand how to kill Japanese Beetles is milky spore, you can find this on Amazon by clicking that link. This is an organic powder you can purchase and spread at the base of your plants during the spring. The beetle grubs will eat the powder, and a bacteria will multiply in their stomach until they die. When the beetles die, the bacteria will return to the soil and kill future beetle grubs. This method takes time and will not kill every beetle. You do not have to worry about how to kill Japanese beetles if you prevent them from coming in the first place. Neem oil, an oil extracted from trees in Asia, is known to repel Japanese beetles. Using this oil on your plants will help prevent Japanese beetles from entering your garden. If you do not mind using a non-organic pesticide, the local branch of the department of agriculture has great resources about killing Japanese beetles. They can direct you to the pesticides that work best for your area.

How to kill Japanese Beetles: Traps

There are many different opinions on traps when dealing with figuring out how to kill Japanese beetles. Some believe they are extremely effective at killing Japanese beetles. Others believe they attract more Japanese beetles than they kill. The traps use scent to entice the beetles into a bag or jar where they cannot escape. These traps can be found easily online through a lawn and garden store. From what I have learned about how to kill Japanese beetles, traps should be a last resort. When placing the trap, make sure it is far away from your garden so it does not attract beetles to your garden as well.

Killing Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetle Trap



There are many diverse ways to kill Japanese beetles. What works for some may not work for you. Experiment with the different recommended methods and find out what will work best. Like I said, there is no easy formula when learning how to kill Japanese beetles. It takes work but it will be well worth the effort! I hope this guide has helped you understand how to kill Japanese beetles, for more guides about killing stuff, check out our main page by clicking on that. Thanks for checking us out and I hope you are successful!

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