How to Kill Gnats

how to kill gnatsGnats are tricky little flying bugs that seem to pester people especially during the summer. Before we talk about how to kill gnats, let’s make sure those are the bugs you are actually seeing.

These flying critters are very small and are often called fruit flies or even midges. They are about ¼ inch in length, and many people think they are babies, but in reality they are full-grown adults. And the worst part is they are capable of massive, massive reproduction. They mate like crazy and lay hundreds of eggs.

Some species will bite people, which is of particular concern right now because gnats and mosquitoes have been spreading some deadly diseases. When they reproduce, they lay eggs in water, dry ground, wet soil, plants, trash, and many other small, damp areas.

How to Kill Gnats in the House Naturally

OK, so before we bust out the cool gadgets and pest control products for learning how to kill gnats in the house, let’s first look at a few natural methods:

  1. For those trying to learn how to kill gnats in the house, try letting the soil in your house plants dry out. This will kills the eggs and adults that come to hang out there. After the death wave, you can take a vacuum and clean them up.
  2. This isn’t the most attractive way to kill gnats in the house, but you can always resort to a fly swatter.
  3. The best way to kill fungus gnats is to cover fruit in open areas. Don’t put fruit or other sweets out on the counter because this attracts the gnats.
  4. When I first learned how to kill gnats in the house, I fell in love with this little trick: lightly put some type of oil around the sink and surrounding area. The gnats will come to the oil, touch it, and this will destroy their ability to lay eggs and the oil will even kill some of them.
  5. Put dishwasher detergent and apple vinegar in several plastic cups. Put them all over the house. This is a great little plan because the bugs will become attracted to the solution and end up touching it and killing themselves.

Using Professional Products to Kill Gnats in the House

Homemade remedies are a fun place to start when you begin the journey of learning how to kill gnats, but they will never work as well as real pesticides. Try some of these time-tested gnat killers:how to kill gnats in your house

  1. Springstar BioCare Gnat Stix. This is a terrific little product that definitely works for killing gnats in the house. Simply unwrap the individual sticky pads and watch the gnats pile up!
  2. how to kill gnats in your housegoGnats. This is a nice solution developed by a home gardener. It comes highly recommended and combines some organic and non-organic ingredients to create a wonderful gnat-killing solution. If you want to know how to kill gnats in your house fast, look no further then this product. It comes in a concentrated solution that you dilute and then put in a sprayer bottle for application.
  3. Flowtron fly zapper. You have probably seen one of these before. You can place it indoors or outdoors. Flowtron is by far the best brand of electric fly zappers. The light draws the gnats in and then the electricity does the how to kill gnats in your houserest. These are nice because you don’t have to do anything beyond plugging it in and hanging it up. Sometimes figuring out how to kill gnats becomes a huge headache and you just want a quick and simple solution. This zapper certainly fits the bill.

Those are some of the best home remedies and store bought solutions for figuring out how kill gnats in the house and in the yard. Good luck! And check this post out if you need to learn how to kill stink bugs.

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