How To Kill Flies

flyThe most important thing you can do after asking the question, “How to kill flies?” is to make sure you have the least amount of flies to kill as possible. You can spend endless amounts of time killing flies, but if you don’t take precautionary measures to prevent them in your home, you will continue to have problems. Some of the things you can do is:

Make sure your doors are closed, and your windows are close, or have screens. This is the easiest way for flies to enter a home or building. If you have holes in your screen, or big gaps in your door jams, you are just asking for flies to join you in your home.

garbage can with flies around itRemove garbage 2-3 times per week. When learning how to kill flies, one of the most important things to know is if you make sure to dispose of rotting meats and other foods that rot quickly. This will get rid of the main food and breeding source of the unwanted fly. This can be one of the, if not the most important, aspect of fly control and understanding how to kill flies.

Keep garbage cans as far away from doors as possible, and make sure they have tight fighting lids. When people ask me how to kill flies the most important thing I repeatedly advice is that garbage attracts flies. The more precautions you take with your garbage, the better luck you will have with fly control.

Pick up your dog poop! Another big thing to keep in mind as you learn how to kill flies is that flies will deposit eggs in and feed on animal droppings. Make sure you are cleaning up animal dropping near your home, and disposing of it in bags.
Do not allow uncovered food to sit out. Flies will feed on, and even lay eggs directly on a plate of food sitting on your kitchen counter.

Don’t let water build up in floor drains. Organic residue can actually build up and “line” the drain enough so that flies can breed there. Make sure to watch for drain odors. These odors are a sign that you may have a problem. Use Drain Gel regularly on floor drains to make sure you remove and prevent organic buildup.

Make sure houseplants are not over watered. To understand how to kill flies, you need to understand that standing water is a problem. Make sure there is no standing water, which can come from over watering plants.  Standing water is the main reason for indoor gnats.
Keep floors cleaned of food and waste. Make sure to keep those crumbs mopped, swept, and/or vacuumed up! And don’t be lazy about it. You need to get in the hard to reach areas, and corners. You also need to make sure spills are mopped, and wiped up.

Killing Flies

You have many different options here, all of which are important to know when learning how to kill flies. If none of these get rid of your flies and you find yourself needing to take drastic measures, you can use a fogger. I would suggest getting one that’s pyrethrin based. These type are the least toxic of the bug foggers.

fly ribbon product

#1 Fly Trap

Another ally you could pursue is, of course, fly traps. They come in many different varieties, and are great for killing flies. When I have been asked how to kill flies, I always recommend the cheap little fly ribbons. You can find them in packs of 4, or more. The fly ribbons are a great, cheap, and effective way to kill flies. I hang one right outside all my doors that provide direct access into my house. I also have one near my outside garabage container and above my kitchen sink. Now granted, these aren’t the prettiest decoration for your home, but they are very effective, especially during the early fall when flies are at their strongest. You can also hang them strategically so you they are practically out of plain sight. Personally I think they are one of the best ways to kill flies!

Now you know how to kill flies, make sure to also check this page out, and learn how to kill gnats too!

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