How To Kill Fleas

Fleas can be an extremely frustrating pest. This is why understanding how to kill fleas can drastically improve your quality of life. If you have ever dealt with fleas you know that learning how to kill fleas can be almost as frustrating as the pests themselves! However, killing fleas is not about complex methods, they key is consistency. In this article, we will cover everything you ever wanted to know to understand how to kill fleas.

First Step When Learning How To Kill Fleas: Identification

How to Kill Fleas

A Common Flea

Fleas are not the most dangerous creature, however, they can transmit dangerous diseases from host to host. This is why knowing how to kill fleas is so important. So how do you even know if you have fleas? Fleas are mainly spread by animals, meaning the more pets you have running outside the more likely you are to have fleas. If you notice your pet scratching more than usual you may want to purchase a special flea comb. Use one to comb through the pets fur, and while they will scurry upon exposure, you should be able to easily identify their presence.

It’s also possible for us humans to bring in fleas. If you start noticing multiple, tiny bites on your skin, it’s always a good idea to check your home for fleas. This of course is only one possible reason for the bites or itching, but I can safely say that when I noticed the little bites, and experienced the itches and scratching that came along with them, I was relived to find out it was fleas rather than bed bugs or some other harder to get rid of pest.

Second Step When Finding Out How To Kill Fleas: Preventing Fleas

Killing Fleas

A Great Preventative Product

So you have fleas, naturally your first question is “How to kill fleas?” Before jumping into learning how to kill fleas I think it’s important to talk about preventing the problem entirely. Like I said before, pets are the main way fleas get into your home. There are many products that will prevent fleas from living on your pets. While I was researching how to kill fleas I ran across a few of these products such as a flea pills meant for pets, flea collars, and substances you can apply directly to pets. If you don’t have pets but are still concerned about fleas the best preventative measure is cleanliness. Vacuuming regularly prevents flea eggs from developing in your carpet. Regular yard maintenance,  such as mowing the lawn, has the same effect.

Last Step: Learning What Kills Fleas

Anyone with past flea problems knows how frustrating learning how to kill fleas can be. However; don’t be discouraged because there are many great methods of killing fleas out there! From what I have read while researching how to kill fleas, there are a few steps involved when it comes to killing fleas.

The first and one of the most important steps is to vacuum, vacuuming gets rid of any eggs that are in your carpet which will help control the problem. When people ask me what kills fleas, this is definitely the first thing I suggest to control the problem. Keeping a clean house, carpets, and floors is essential when trying to find out how to kill fleas in house.

How to Kill Fleas in House

BarkLogic Flea Repellant

The next step is to spray your house with some type of flea repelling product like this one I found on Amazon when learning how to kill fleas, you can check it out by clicking that link. That specific product is a pesticide-free, and non toxic product, but if you want a bit more power, and can manage without needing it to be non-toxic, there are some great pesticides that can work quickly and effectively also. You can find these on Amazon, or any local home improvement store. If you go this route when figuring out how to kill fleas, you should look for a product that says something about an insect growth regulator. These prevent fleas from developing and are crucial in killing fleas. Make sure to spray your carpet, rugs, pet beds, and curtains. These are all places fleas like to live. After spraying your house you will need to take care of your yard. Spray places where your pets go in the yard and any shady areas.

Understanding How to Kill Fleas on Pets

The next step is to treat your pets. I get a lot of people that ask me how to kill fleas on dogs and other pets, but basically all we need to do for this is use any of the methods recommended in the prevention section above. The Frontline products, fleas collars, and other methods will all work great. This combined with good, and regular baths, along with keeping pet living areas clean should do the trick!

Being Successful When Killing Fleas

The final step is repetition! It is hard to kill every flea in your house on the first go, and repeating these steps two or three times can give you a better shot at killing those pesky fleas.

I understand learning how to kill fleas can be an overwhelming process because of all the steps.  It is, however, important to remember that vacuuming, spraying inside and out, treating your pets, and repeating can make a drastic difference. Now that you know how to kill fleas, visit our home page, and check out our other great guides that will help you learn how to kill all sorts of annoying pests. Thanks for checking out this guide, and good luck!


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  1. Jain

    They were probably flea dirts and dudrnaff you were seeing flea larvae and eggs are virtually invisible to the naked eye, they’re so tiny. Were they black specks and swirl shapes, and white specks?Yes if you’ve seen these it means your cat has fleas, and therefore your house too I’m afraid; the flea eggs drop off the animal, incubate and hatch round the house. You need to get some flea treatment from a vets. With the exception of Frontline, I strongly advise you stay away from flea treatments sold in pet stores and supermarkets generally, stores are not licensed to sell the chemicals that are effective as flea treatment, Frontline is the only useful one they’ve recently become allowed to sell. I recommend Frontline Plus from a vets, or really just any of their spot-ons like Revolution or Advantage. You also need a housespray; again, don’t use one from a pet store.ChaliceReferences : vet nurse, feel free to email

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