How to Kill Cockroaches

So you have seen a cockroach, or are worried you may have cockroaches? Our condolences. No one wants to find out that they are sharing their home with these unwanted pests. Here we will help you figure out if you have a cockroach problem, and teach you how to kill cockroaches by showing you the best way to kill cockroaches, and also teach you how to kill cockroaches naturally if that’s the path you’re looking to take.

Do you Have a Cockroach Problem?

cockroachSo you may be wondering if you actually have a problem. Maybe you have seen one on the kitchen floor and are hoping it is a lone rider bug. Unfortunately if you have seen a cockroach in your home, there are likely hundreds more in hiding, and you will need to learn how to kill cockroaches. Cockroaches come out at night when the lights are out, and it is dark. A great first step to find out if you have a problem and are going to need a plan for killing cockroaches, is to find possible infestation points. Cockroaches love warm, wet locations, such as near water heaters, under sinks, etc. Cockroaches also hide in or behind cabinets, under fridges and sinks, corners of carpets, and behind outlets. Search for these locations in your house or apartment. As you search you should also keep an eye out for other signs of cockroaches such as little black or dark brown spots, or pellets (cockroach poop). When night falls, turn all the lights out and wait a half hour or so, then look with a flashlight in these locations and see if any cockroaches come into view. If you spot some, then you definitely have a problem, and need to learn how to kill cockroaches.

Tools to Use When Learning How to Kill Cockroaches

There are many options for killing cockroaches. If you live in a house you should start with spraying the outside perimeter of your house. When I started researching how to kill cockroaches, I found a great product for use on the outside of my house called Bengal Roach Spray. It works wonders for the outside perimeter of your home, and is also great for indoor use if you are looking to kill cockroaches and/or their nests already in your home. Now that we have the outdoors covered it is time to learn how to kill cockroaches and take care of then inside your home, apartment, dorm room, etc. The best way to kill cockroaches is by using a combination of pyrethrum spray, and boric acid. Make sure to pickup a can of pyrethrum spray aerosol to attack problem areas along with  a lot of the boric acid, as I will describe next. When my neighbor asked me how to kill cockroaches, I explained to him that the pyrethrum spray will cause the cockroaches to scury about, moving quickly around, and back into hiding. All this scurying about will cause them to pick up, and absorb more of the boric acid. The boric acid will then cause their shells to dry out. This will dehydrate the cockroach, and cause it to die. When learning how to kill cockroaches, be sure to read the warning labels on all products you use, as pyrethrum can be harmful or fatal to cats. Boric acid is fairly harmless, but still be sure to take the precautions as described on the labels.

Now that we are learning more about how to kill cockroaches, its time to work with the boric acid. Dust and blow the boric acid into cracks and crevices where cockroaches live and hideout. You can use a little hand duster to get the boric acid in the small places.  Take your time, remove outlet covers, and use a flashlight while inspecting and searching for signs of cockroaches. If there are spots you suspect they are hiding out, blow or dust the boric acid in thoroughly. Make sure you cover the area completely! It can take a couple pounds of boric acid to finish an average sized home, so make sure you have enough.

Find Out How to Kill Cockroaches Naturally

So for those of you that are looking for ways to learn how to kill cockroaches naturally, you’re in luck. There are ways when you’re looking for how to kill cockroaches naturally, that can actually work quite well. A mixture of natural cockroach killerbaking soda, and white granulated sugar in a 1:1 ratio will be your go to solution. You can put the mixture in little beverage caps, such as soda caps, milk carton caps, or other low brim caps. Put these caps with the baking soda, and sugar mixture in locations where cockroaches hide, such as under sinks, near water heaters, and other locations as described above. It is essential that you also include another cap full of water next to the cap full of the mixture. The vermin will consume the baking soda/sugar mixture because of their attraction to sugar, and then they will go for a drink of water. The water will cause the baking soda to expand in their stomachs, and within a short period of time their insides will explode. You guessed it, this will result in their fortunate (for us) death.

Figure Out How to Kill Cockroaches and Keep Them Gone Forever!

So you have learned how to kill cockroaches and how to kill cockroaches naturally, now it’s time to prevent them from coming back! Keep a careful eye out after doing treatments of your home. When I was teaching my neighbor how to kill cockroaches, one of his main questions was, “What happens after the first treatment?” The trick is to watch the cockroach hotspots to see if you see decreases activity after doing a treatment of boric acid, and pyrethrum spray. After the first treatment, it is a great idea to spray the bengal roach spray in locations you have noticed a lot of cockroaches, and corpses. This is important because there will still be eggs after killing the first set, which you don’t want around. If you are consistent, and make sure you are devoted in keeping your home clean, and clutter free, you should be able to completely rid your home of cockroach infestations after 2-3 months of doing these treatments every 3-4 weeks. So in other words, after learning how to kill cockroaches, and going through the methods to do so, you really should only have to repeat treatments 2-3 times to rid your home of cockroaches completely. Another great strategy I told my neighbor about when I was teaching him how to kill cockroaches was that between treatments you can put down some Combat Roach Bait Stations in high traffic areas to combat extreme areas of infestation. If you follow this methods, you should be able to combat your cockroach problem and really understand how to kill cockroaches. We also solve many other bug and insect problems here, if you need to learn how to kill silverfish, or anything else just use the search bar to find the article you need.

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    Oh boy That’s tough! You can’t. You need to empty your pantry of every item and clean it thrhoguly. Including under the shelves and in the corners as well as the doors. Every inch. Then you need to wipe your cans clean and throw away anything that came in boxes. Everything. Purchase plastic storage containers and once you bring pasta home from the store, place the boxes in big plastic storage containers. Flour should be dumped out of it’s paper into a separate plastic container. Big enough to hold a 5 pound bag. You will do the same to all sugars. You should only have glass, cans and plastic containers in your pantry.I had this problem for years and cleaned and cleaned constantly and could not figure out why I couldn’t get rid of the buggers.Then one day, I threw everything out and did exactly what I just wrote here.Good luck .

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